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First Cardista
First Cardin liikkeellelaskija on Nordea Bank Oyj
The First Card App

Here is the app for you with a First Card.
The app is available in English, Finnish and Swedish, and this is what you can do: view transactions, their categories, read the FAQ about First Card and the card insurance, get in touch with Customer Service and access offers and benefits.

How do I start?
To access all parts of First Cards app, you need Netbank codes to activate the app, and an iPhone or an Android phone where you can download the app. To activate your app, log in to First Card Online services.

What you can access while not being logged
You can always get in touch with customer service, block your card and see the FAQ even though you're not logged in.

If you don't see your transactions in the app or have any other questions, contact Customer Service on +358200 52100.

Ladda ner First Cards appLadda ner First Cards app
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